Island Gamers Club was created because we understand that some children may be resistent to venturing out of the house and may have difficulty making friends. Bring them to Island Gamers Club so they can spend time with others participating in activities they enjoy. For many it is their expertise in a video game, board game or their extensive knowledge in an area that the others share an interest in. They enjoy having conversations about their interests and others enjoy listening.

Some children don’t have an interest in sports, belong to Clubs or participate in extracurricular activities. They don’t have a place to go where they can be themselves and feel they belong. But there is such a place! Give your child the opportunity to shine and feel proud that they are part of a Club. Join the Club where other children play the same games they like to play, talk about what they like to talk about, and then you can sit back and watch as your child develops friendships and shares laughter.                                            


Annie and Dan are the proud parents of three children. Their youngest is a young adult with Asperger’s. For some children, socializing can be difficult, and crowded environments can be overwhelming and increase anxiety. What Annie and Dan longed for was for their son to have friends.   Ultimately it was their son who taught them all they needed to know about what a comfortable, fun environment would be like for our children. Annie and Dan spent endless years searching for a place where their son would
feel comfortable playing the games that he enjoys with others and making friends. There was nowhere to be found.

Annie and Dan knew they couldn’t possibly be the only parents searching for such a place, so Island Gamers Club has been created for their child and yours. At Island Gamers Club, members gather in groups with others who share similar
interests to play the games they enjoy, helping alleviate the stress that often comes with meeting new people.


Why not consider joining a Game Club?    This is the place for your child to have some fun!
We offer a relaxed, no pressure environment where socialization takes place through
gaming. The choice is theirs – video games, board games, card games, Anime or Pokemon, we have it all.
What better way to make a new friend and have some fun , than to spend time with others who share the same interests?