Island Gamers Club is ideal for those who wish to participate with others who share similar interests. Participants meet with the same group for the entirety of the sessions and will have the opportunity to participate in activities they enjoy and develop friendships.  Island Gamers Club was created for those who have difficulty with social skills, are shy, have special needs or anyone seeking to develop new friendships.


2 hr Sessions

Monthly Rate – $135.00


2 hr Sessions

Monthly Rate – $175.00

Included with Clubs and Classes:

Please call or email us for a trial visit.

Snacks & Drinks

Free pass to bring along a guest on Guest Day. We offer a relaxed, fun environment for children to socialize.


Please call 631-605-1813 or email us at islandgamersmail@gmailcom for additional information or to sign up for a Club, Class or any events.